SME Business Power Solutions

  • Is doing Business, when the power goes out, loosing you market share?
  • Is your electricity bill eating up your cash, leaving you less to build your business?

We have 4 powerful solutions to help you meet your needs and your budget:

Option to help your business – no matter what your size

  1. You could harness the power of the sun through a Solar system, that has a backup UPS as well (uninterrupted power supply) Click here for more details.
  2. If you don’t want to play around with solar, have a look at our battery backup – UPS system. Roll in, plug and and stability is your new buzz work. Click here for more details.
  3. Don’t want to play around with small systems? Want a comprehensive solar, off the grid system? Click here for more details . 

Perhaps you have a different need?

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