Power outage? What about Home and Business Security

Power outage yet again ?!

  • Are your family and possessions safe or at risk during this outage?
  • Who’s going to protect you Business Premises, when there is a power outage?

We can help you keep the electricity on, whenever the lights go out on Eskom, in one easy to use roll-in box.

No solar panels or complicated wiring involved.


Just a simple UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit in a box.

Need that kind of power?Click here for details

Need an even more powerful solution?

Are you wanting to take all your security worries off the Eskom grid? It’s hard to rely on a system, when we don’t understanding what they will do next.

We have a solution for you!  This little system keeps your alarm system on, while you keep the lights on, as well as your security lighting.  Never forgetting about charging your cellphones and laptops.

This one makes use of solar panels and batteries. Click here for more details.