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Night Time Battery Backup System – 1kw Power with Solar Inverter

Portable  1 kW AC Power Source and Solar Inverter

This AC battery supply unit and Solar Inverter are an easy plug-in solution for back-up power for home and business applications.

The perfect unit , that will allow you to run the following items for 4 hours:

1kw Battery power source with solar inverter

1kw power source with solar inverter. The system can use Solar power or Mains as a power source.

In the case of a mains failure, the system will supply power from the batteries assisted by the solar panels which will continue to charger the batteries (if the sun is shining) , this will extend the effective back-up time of the system. Wheel in, Plug in and Switch on.

  • Recharge time of 8 hours
  • LCD display and low idle current
  • Available for 24 V systems (2 x 100 AH 12V Batteries)
  •  Manufacturer minimum local service turnaround time with a 3 year warranty
  •  Fan cooling for optimum performance and component longevity
  •  Audible buzzer indicating faults, overload and status

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