Reducing your Eskom Power Bill

  • Is your Eskom bill causing you sleepless nights?
  • Leaving you less money to put food on the table ?
  • Leaving you with less money to pay your staff, come payday?

Dont worry, we have an excellent solution for you !

Roll-in , switch on UPS system

Introducing the compact, roll-in unit  that will allow you to run off Solar power during the day, and off batteries at night .

Should one of your tools or appliances needs more power than the sun or batteries provides,  this smart little unit will draw off the eskom mains, until your power needs drop down again to the previous level.

In summary , You have power all the time, but you’re not having to use power from Eskom all the time. Interested?  Click here for more details 

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Power outage? What about Home and Business Security

Power outage yet again ?!

  • Are your family and possessions safe or at risk during this outage?
  • Who’s going to protect you Business Premises, when there is a power outage?

We can help you keep the electricity on, whenever the lights go out on Eskom, in one easy to use roll-in box.

No solar panels or complicated wiring involved.


Just a simple UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit in a box.

Need that kind of power?Click here for details

Need an even more powerful solution?

Are you wanting to take all your security worries off the Eskom grid? It’s hard to rely on a system, when we don’t understanding what they will do next.

We have a solution for you!  This little system keeps your alarm system on, while you keep the lights on, as well as your security lighting.  Never forgetting about charging your cellphones and laptops.

This one makes use of solar panels and batteries. Click here for more details.

SME Business Power Solutions

  • Is doing Business, when the power goes out, loosing you market share?
  • Is your electricity bill eating up your cash, leaving you less to build your business?

We have 4 powerful solutions to help you meet your needs and your budget:

Option to help your business – no matter what your size

  1. You could harness the power of the sun through a Solar system, that has a backup UPS as well (uninterrupted power supply) Click here for more details.
  2. If you don’t want to play around with solar, have a look at our battery backup – UPS system. Roll in, plug and and stability is your new buzz work. Click here for more details.
  3. Don’t want to play around with small systems? Want a comprehensive solar, off the grid system? Click here for more details . 

Perhaps you have a different need?

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Solar and Battery power kits for energy

Solar Electrical Solutions and Battery Back Solutions for home and business.

Let us help you find the light at the end of the tunnel, with our Solar and Battery product range.

Through our range of pre-configured battery,

  1. Cutting you power bills
  2. Empowering you to do more
  3. While allowing you to PROSPER with PEACE OF MIND and SECURITY

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Solar and UPS Product Range

Ups , Uninterrupted Power supply, combined with the sun and batteries can help you make great inroads to your goal for saving on our electrical bill.


  • We have the solution for you !

Battery , UPS and Solar Kits

    • Reduce your monthly Eskom bill

      • Keep the lights and security on at night if the power goes off

        • Get you off the Eskom power grid altogether

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